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16 March 2013

Entries are now closed.
NO TELEPHONE ENTRIES shall be accepted.

The final draw for Race 1

The final draw for Race 2

The final draw for Race 3

The draw can also be viewed on google docs. Final results can be got from google docs. They will also be posted on Tracker.

Photos from Race 1.

Photos from Race 2.

Photos from Race 3.

See the events page for important entry details.

Forecast is for cold northerly winds, please ensure your crews are dressed appropriately, particularly younger crews who may have a longer wait at the start.

Please ensure your trailer goes to the slip it has been allocated. There is a new pedestrian bridge linking Fisheries Field directly to the back of registration and there is no need to walk round by public road past the cathedral.
There will be toilet facilities accessible from either slip.

New navigational markers are an integral part of the course. Please take time to review the map and steering instructions viewable on the course map page or downloaded GHOR map plus steering.docx. Penalties for infringement of steering instructions will be applied by marshalls and added to a crews finish time.

Attendance at the meetings for coxes and steerers is mandatory. These take place at 8.30 and 11.30 outside registration in the College Bar.

Registration will be open at 8.30 and payment in full of your club entry fee is required before any bow numbers are released. Please do not ask for individual crew numbers to be given out separately. All crews entered and on the draw must be paid for, regardless of last-minute scratches.
No deposit is required for bow numbers but please make sure you hand back your club’s numbers before you leave, either to slip stewards or directly to registration.
Please leave the trailer park as you find it, removing your club’s rubbish before you leave.

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Some history on the Head of Rive Race from the Old Galway section of the Galway Advertiser